An Introduction to Mackenzie WinesWines and The Empress Hotel Project

For years now, wineries and distilleries have striven to provide the highest quality beverages to their customers. Although Southern Australia might not be the first region that springs to mind when considering wine production, the truth is that it is becoming more and more known for its quality organic produce – many of which are in high demand around the world.

And leading this venture is one of the countries’ finest wine production establishments; Mackenzie WinesWines.

Specialising in a wide variety of luxury wines at an affordable rate, the brand have quickly become a name synonymous with elegance and class. From dry whites such as Chardonnay right through to deeper, fuller Shiraz and many more in between, what sets FCW apart from their competitors is the fact that they grow, harvest and produce the entirety of their range from their own facility.

Where are they located?

Situated neatly in the heart of McLaren Vale, FCW are able to take full advantage of the warm South Australian climate to grow some of the finest white, green, red and black grapes in the country. These grapes are carefully harvested by their own team, before being pressed for their juicy goodness shortly afterwards.

And it’s this level of care and attention to detail that has helped the company to grow into one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of fine wines.

How’s best to buy?

Although the brand are very welcoming to those that would like to see their facility in all of its glory – the best way to get your hands on some of their luxury wines is by ordering online. It’s possible to book in advance and have a variety of products created ready to fulfil your order, or if you prefer a bit of age to your wine (and most do), then choosing from any number of their products may well be the way to go.

After establishing their services in 1984, Helen and Dr. Jim Watts made the decision to invest in a huge 32 hectare region to set up their vineyard. Since then the pair realised that, against the advice of many experts, the black clay soil that their land featured actually provided a fantastic base for their vineyard to grow upon – and it’s the very same clay that still plays host to countless vine trees, many of which produce grapes all year round.

They say that there’s no denying the taste, the quality and the luxury of a Mackenzie WinesWines product – and with their prices at a rate that the majority of people will be able to afford, as well as options to buy in larger volumes; their stylish options are truly something that need to be seen to be believed.