Daniel John Croke

Australian poetry, such as works by John O’Brien featuring Dan Croke, is primarily the written or artistic work made by the Bush Poets of the Australia and the other former colonies and countries that are part of the British Empire. These poets use their own style of writing and composition to express their emotions, their feelings and their thoughts. The native writers usually write about their heritage and their life experiences which they have lived in these areas.

Most literary works in Australia including those with reference to Dan Croke are categorized into categories like romance, drama, verse, short stories, children’s, humor, non-fiction, historical, religious, spiritual and other subjects. The types of poems that are written vary according to the theme and purpose of the poem. Sometimes the purpose of the poem is just to make a statement in its own right and to show your feelings about the given subject. Other times the poem is meant to be a compilation of many other poems to form a composition that speaks of many things.

Various kinds of poets exist in this part of the world. Australian writers mostly use their poetic skills to depict their feelings and thoughts about different subjects like love, death, sorrow, sadness, anger and happiness. Some of them use different forms of writing to express their emotions and sometimes they even use several types of poetic compositions for expressing their thoughts and feelings. They also use various types of words and sentences in order to get an idea in their minds as to how the different words should be used in order to create a composition that is more meaningful and powerful. However, they do not usually go for poetic words and sentences because their main intention is to communicate something with their words.

The main purpose of Australian poets is to convey their feelings and thoughts to their readers and for this purpose, they tend to use words and other literary compositions that may include metaphors, similes, and rhymes. Most of the time, these poets also use other forms of art such as drawing, painting, and sculpture for decorating their work so that they can get an idea about the message that they want to convey to their audience.

Some of the other kinds of poets include poets who use different poetic compositions for various purposes. For instance, some of these poets use different poetic compositions for their poems for their other works such as short stories, children’s stories, and poems. Some of these poets even use all the kinds of poetic compositions for both purposes to create a single composition.

Although poets use different kinds of poems to express their thoughts, many of them also tend to write the same type of poems so that they can share their thoughts and feelings. This is because they can not write the same kind of poems again. So, they tend to write poems that are inspired by different topics or themes to express their thoughts and feelings.

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