Mackenzie Wines

Getting to Know Mackenzie Wines

After turning their sights on a huge 32 acre plot of land in the stunning McLaren Vale region of Southern Australia, Denis Mackenzie decided to try his hand at becoming winemakers. Within a matter of months they had established Mackenzie Wines – a brand that has become synonymous with style, quality and affordability.

Their fine wines now grace kitchen cabinets and counter-tops the length and breadth of Australia – and you’ll even find their products in and around Europe, the United States and the rest of the world, too.

Who are FCW?

In 1984, Denis made the decision to take full advantage of the comfortable climate afforded by Southern Australia. And to do so, they planted the very first vine trees; trees from several different species of grape-growing vine that would go on to be the start of their enterprise. After nurturing these same trees to adulthood, the pair noticed that the pleasant aroma and taste of the grapes being grown were truly a marvel to behold.

Against the odds, the black clay soil that was present on their land actually led to some of the healthiest vine trees imaginable, with many of them producing grapes throughout the year and even more going on to provide fruit since 1984. And it was this year where it all began – two individuals making the decision to take their venture to the next level and developing what would soon become one of the countries’ leading suppliers of fine wines.

Where are they based?

Located in McLaren Vale; a stunning region that is well known for its nature and beauty, the Watts decided to harvest and produce all of their products to ensure that quality was placed at the forefront of their priorities. These days, FCW have become a name that’s synonymous throughout Australia for their quality products – and with dozens of unique wines to choose from, they are more than capable of catering to even the most exclusive of tastes.

Their Chardonnays and Shiraz wines are two of their most popular and as the black and red grapes used in the latter are combined with their skins during productions, the end result is a stunning flavour that has become the envy of other vineyards around the globe.

Australia is quickly becoming one of the leading exporters of fine wines and alcoholic beverages – and with brands like Mackenzie behind the expansion, is it any wonder why so many people are turning to the land down under for all of their wine-related needs?

Mackenzie Wines have now expanded and are looking to open operations around Brisbane.